Clipping Money: Gutzy Gear Party & Review


Gutzy Gear Party & Review

Have you seen the commercials yet? We were excited to check out the popular back pack straps and thanks to Gutzy Gear and BSM Media we had a Gutzy Gear party!

What is Gutzy Gear? Gutzy Gear is a great, new way to express yourself by customizing your back-pack! Gutzy's are cool looking removable patches. They stick to a Gutzy strap that covers the strap of your back-pack.

All of our guests were supplied with 2 straps (shown in pic). In order for them to SCORE the Gutzy Patches, we played GUTZY BINGO! 

The kids had so much fun!

The Mom's even got into the game!

We didn't have enough markers for the group so we used coins!

We played until everyone got a GUTZY BINGO! 
They were able to choose which patches they wanted!

Here are the children showing off their awesome Gutzy Gear! After the party, there were quite a few Mom's that hit the stores, looking for more Gutzy Gear patches to add!!!  SCORE!!!!!

Even Ms Marie showed off her Gutzy Gear!!

We loved how the children could express themselves in a fun and fashionable way! This is a great idea to add to your back to school shopping! 
Here's the link to Gutzy Gear on Facebook. Between now and September 7th, your kids can win 1 of 100 Toys ‘R Us gift cards, worth more than $5000 by showing them how you “Go Gutzy”! Head over to Gutzy Gear to participate and upload your photos!!
 Disclosure: I received free Gutzy Gear products to use and give out in order to host this party.  All opinions are 100% mine.