Clipping Money: Review: Tide Vivid White + Bright Detergent


Review: Tide Vivid White + Bright Detergent

Being a mother of 3 active children is very hard work. I would say one of the most important thing that I have learned is that it is extremely important that you use the correct product to remove stains from your children’s or spouses :) clothing. I found out very quickly that sometimes it is worth it to invest in the quality detergents vs. the generic detergents. The quality detergents helped to save the color and quality of some of the cheapest quality clothes by removing the hardest stains. Tide Vivid White+Bright helps to make the whitest clothes white without having to use bleach and also helps to maintain the vibrant colors of colored clothing while removing stains.

I was offered this awesome coupon on and wanted to share it with my readers because this is actually a product that I use and it works fantastically.