Clipping Money: Review: It's Not Your Fault and I Can Prove It, by Steve Shenk


Review: It's Not Your Fault and I Can Prove It, by Steve Shenk

If you enjoy reading motivational books and believe that you hold the power to create your own success - then I have the book foryou! Released February 22, 2013 - It's Not Your Fault and I Can Prove It - is a motivational primer that asks us to believe in magic.

Written by Steve Shenk, with 40 years behind him in sales and market development, he came across hundreds of people all who helped to shape his understanding of the human experience. It was through their struggles and triumphs that he saw a chance to achieve greater things. We all have basic needs: food, shelter and safety. We all start out with those same needs, but why do some people succeed and then others fail? This book attempts to answer those questions by leading us through a series of encounters and conversations between the "Guardian" and a man named, Michael.

"This book is called It's Not Your Fault. (xxi)" ...and if that sounds like a strange way to begin a motivational journey (no, it's not an excuse!), just hold onto your hat because there are a lot of statements included in this book to really get you thinking.

Michael is a reflection of all of us with our own struggles through life - good or bad. The Guardian shares with Michael keys to grow, succeed and make changes in his life. All which help him to let go of blame and feelings of victimization enabling him to be happy and find personal success.

There were a lot of key features I loved in this book but these were some of my favorite points:
  • The Past Doesn't Exist
  • Making Lemonade out of our lives
  • Letting Go of Fault and Blame
  • And the Power of Faith
As I read Steve Shenk's book, I realized that this book was meant to make us think and question what is holding us back from happiness.
We can take control of our lives and "It's Not Your Fault" is a great way to begin. You can join the online community and get the Guardian newsletter with the purchase of the book. Visit and www.itsnotyourfault.TV for inspirational stories and discussions.
*DisclaimerI received a copy of "It's Not Your Fault and I Can Prove It" for this review from MomSelect and the publisher.  All experiences and opinions are my own.