Clipping Money: Review: Blue Bunny "Sweet Freedom" Ice Cream


Review: Blue Bunny "Sweet Freedom" Ice Cream

How many of you out there want to enjoy ice cream without the guilt? I have some exciting new for you!!  Blue Bunny "Sweet Freedom" Ice Cream is the perfect option for you!

This new ice cream is rich and indulgent with no sugar added (Sweetened with Splenda), there are less carbs and 1/3 fewer calories than regular ice cream.  SCORE!!!

Our family is a huge fan of ice cream! Doesn't matter what time of year it is... we always have some in the freezer!

Ice cream is considered junk food and if you don't check the portions, it can be very bad for your health, specially for kids.
With Blue Bunny "Sweet Freedom" Ice Cream, we can eat our ice cream guilt-free!

Blue Bunny "Sweet Freedom" is a light ice cream that tastes like regular ice cream. I couldn't taste the difference.

  Very easy to open, thanks to the safety tab in the corner of the box. 

For more information about Blue Bunny "Sweet Freedom" Ice Cream, check out their website HERE or visit them in Facebook or Twitter.

Disclosure: Klout provided me with 2 FREE coupons and a scooper for this Review. As always, any compensation did not influence or dictate my honest review about this product and/or company.