Clipping Money: Celebrating our #DisneySide @HomeCelebrations


Celebrating our #DisneySide @HomeCelebrations

Disclosure: I received promotional items in a celebration kit from Disney Parks and MomSelect in order to host a #DisneySide @Home Celebration party. All opinions expressed here are my own.
We are HUGE Disney fans! We recently had the opportunity to share our love for Disney with our friends by hosting a party to encourage others to show their Disney Side. Every year, we make a trip to Disney World with the kids. The most recent trip we went on, we actually surprised the kids and told them we were going to Nana's house. They had no idea!! We drove under the Disney sign and they still didn't notice. How could they NOT notice?? It beats me... there was no reaction. We drove in and parked... still nothing! Wow, this was going a lot better then I planned. We bought our tickets and got in line for the boat and that's when it dinged! They started screaming. Everyone looked at us like we were nuts (and that's okay because the look on our children's faces were priceless). There is just something magical about Disney that each of us can relate to.

 Here are some of our photos from our trip.


Have you ever shown your own #DisneySide at some time in the past? Perhaps you posted pictures of your family on a trip to Disney World, celebrated a birthday and the party theme was Mickey, Minnie Mouse or a one of the Disney Princesses? Well all of those things are your #DisneySide @HomeCelebration. SCORE!!!
Ever since the package came, there have been so many ideas swirling around in my head about how I wanted to throw the party.  From theme ideas, decoration, foods and game ideas. I couldn't believe how many ideas I found on Pinterest to help me with our special day.  We had such a great time and I can't thank Disney Parks and MomSelect (and all the other sponsors!) enough for giving me the opportunity to host this party!
The invitations were fun to make. My daughter helped glue the pieces together!

She was so excited to hand these out in school. With us being new to Mississippi (been here for 3 months), this was a great way to meet new moms and have Emily make new friends.
I was really excited when my doorbell rang!! Inside a brown box was this BEAUTIFUL suitcase FILLED with a bunch a party things!!
I know I'll be traveling in style the next time we go to Disney (which is in May this year) because I will be sporting the official luggage of Walt Disney World & Disneyland!!! SCORE!!!!

I couldn't believe all of these things fit inside this suitcase!! Tons of party decorations, Disney Bingo cards, wristbands, Mickey cookie cutters (SO HAPPY), measuring cups, stickers, tattoos, Mickey luggage tag, balloons, HP photo paper, craisens, Disney DVD, cheer cards, Mickey photos and more!!

 I can't wait to get my Mickey & Minnie photo signed by them when we go in May!!!
Time to set up the table...


Now it's time for our "special guests"

It got so crazy (in a great way) with this party! Everyone was excited to be here and there was just so much going on... I sadly forgot to get photos of everyone in action. I thought only 8 kids were coming but it turned out that 31 people came (parents and children)!!!

Thank you Disney Parks and MomSelect for the opportunity to host a wonderful #DisneySide Party for my daughter and her friends. We all had a BLAST!