Clipping Money: The Amazing Dream Team Pets #Review


The Amazing Dream Team Pets #Review

Sleep is something that comes and goes here in our house. Some nights are better then others. I was given the opportunity to review the Dream Team Pets Magical Cat Bedtime Routine and it couldn't have come at a better time.

When the package arrived and we opened it up, my daughter's eyes quickly lit up with excitement when she say the pink kitty. She picked it up and told me how soft it was. This already sounds like the perfect pet to snuggle with in bed at night!!!

Next, we noticed that the cat came with a book and a sheet of star stickers. The key thing about this pet is the book that comes with it called, How to Train Your Pet. This title sparked curiosity with my daughter. The book is beautifully illustrated in a way that can help children relate to their bedtime struggles. The pet then earns a gold star throughout the training as does your child.

There was also a place in the back of the book that gives you an area to fill out with your new pets name, when they started their training, when their training was complete...

Each of these pets comes with a certificate of training so when my daughter has successfully completed her training and is sleeping well with Kitty, they will have both earned their certificate.
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