Clipping Money: #Magformers 3D structures #Review


#Magformers 3D structures #Review

Disclosure: We were recently given the chance to review Magformers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. 

My children were so excited to get this package of Magformers in the mail. They just couldn't wait to open it and start brainstorming.  This toy came with 26 pieces and a fun instructional booklet. Right away my son  was eager to set up the magic ball! 

How cool is this? This is great to expand your child brain and create something in a whole different way. Laying the pieces down on a table and creating a piece that will transform in a 3D object... MindBlown!

My son played with this for about 2 hours. He got lost in his creative side and came up with so many other ideas not found in the book!

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