Clipping Money: #Review - Cush Cushion


#Review - Cush Cushion

If you suffer from lower back pain or know someone that does, then I would love to tell you about Cush Cushion. I was given an opportunity to review the Cush Cushion and let me tell you... this product is amazing!

When I was 21, I was in a serious car accident. My car was totaled and I injured my tailbone. To this day, I can not sit for a long period of time or even sit on the floor. It hurts my tailbone so much, I can't move. 

Everyone knows back pain is common and many people, especially adults, are affected. While some types of back pain may be different, most conditions share the same symptoms which include the following:

  • Severe and localized pain starting from the neck to the lower back
  • Persistent ache or stiffness along the spine
  • Inability to perform daily tasks and stand straight without experiencing pain or muscle spasms in the lower back
  • Chronic ache in the back, especially after completing daily tasks or standing for extended periods of time

The Cush Comfort cushion stops the pain cycle within 30 seconds of the time you first sit on it. 
Their high performance grade A memory foam technology responds to the heat from your body and forms itself into the exact shape of your butt. This process eliminates the point pressure normally associated with sitting and replaces it with fully distributed support that keeps you comfortable even while sitting for hours on end.

What I love about this cushion is that you can take this with you wherever you go. You can even take this with you to a ball game and use it on those oh so not comfortable seats!

I not only use this at the desk, but I use it at the kitchen table and use it when I go for long car rides.  I recently took it with me on our drive to Texas. That was supposed to be only a 9 hour drive but we hit 7 thunderstorms that pushed our travel time to 11 hours. This seat was so comfortable and helped my back tremendously by giving it the support I needed. 

I absolutely love the added comfort. These cushions can be placed over any chair or surface to provide an instant boost of coziness so you can sit for hours without irritation. 

Get instant relief from sitting back pain! 
We were not meant to sit all day long. Sitting for long periods can cut off circulation and pinch nerves in your butt and legs causing pain, numbness, and even long term tissue damage over time. 

Non-slip bottom side keeps your Cush cushion in place underneath you. 
Standard memory foam cushions are great for back pain, but can negatively affect posture as they slowly slide off of your seat after hours of use, causing you to slump. The Cush cushion solves this problem, and actually encourages excellent posture, using a non slip fabric on the underside of the cushion to keep it in place even after hours of continuous use. 

  • INSTANT RELIEF Coccyx cut-out suspends the tailbone, medically proven to provide relief from lower back pain, numbness, and point pressure associated with sitting for long periods. You'll never go back to sitting the old way again.

  • CUSTOM NON SLIP BOTTOM keeps your cushion in place while you sit so you don't have to constantly reposition

  • NEW DEEPER ERGONOMIC SHAPE to hug your butt as you sit, eliminating point pressure and distributing support evenly so you can sit for longer without discomfort, improving posture and providing superior comfort

  • 100% HIGH GRADE MEMORY FOAM won't go flat over time like standard foam cushions.

  • SAFE, 3rd party tested eco-friendly material that is completely odorless
100% pure, Grade A memory foam with NO fillers. 
Because we use only the highest quality material, our cushion is completely environmentally friendly and odorless, and will not flatten over time. No off-gassing or strange smells. 

Want to purchase one for yourself or someone you know that suffers from lower back pain?

My readers can use code “clubcush” to receive 10% off Cush Cushion

Your back will thank you! Mine already has!!

Lifetime 100% moneyback guarantee 
They are a mission based company. The cushion you are about to receive is the very same cushion being used on all of their seats at their office, in their cars, and on their seats at home. They stand behind their product. They have high standards and want their customers to have high standards too. If for any reason you are unhappy with your Cush, just shoot them a message and a real person will respond within a day to make it right.

Disclosure: I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.