Clipping Money: Ski Banz Ski Goggles #Review


Ski Banz Ski Goggles #Review

Before you know it, the snow will be here. Have you thought about protecting your children from the sun even in the winter? Well Baby Banz is the way to go. 

These professional-grade ski goggles offer 100% UV Protection, are helmet compatible for hitting the slopes safely, have anti-fog polycarbonate orange-tinted lenses and include their own carrying case that doubles as a cleaning cloth! · Ski BanZ fit approximately 4 years to 10 years old
· Wide vision lenses offer 100% UVA/ UVB protection
· Made of durable polycarbonate for optimal safety
· Double-vented lens creates a thermal barrier while providing great optics and an excellent seal · Industrial-strength P80 antifog coating on the inside lens helps prevent fogging without hindering optics
· Citrus lens transmits 33% of visible light and is an all-around lens suitable for densely overcast, partly cloudy and sunny days · Sporty, sleek design · Super soft contour foam and extra wide band add comfort · Shatter-resistant polycarbonate

The band's elasticity seems to hold very nicely. There is a nice clasp to take these on and off as well for your little one. The clasp seems very durable. They have the brand name on the band to keep the style up with other brands. On the inside of the ski goggles, it is like a foam that forms a comfortable barrier against the skin. It also prevents snow from getting into the goggles which is a nice feature. The lenses are tinted modestly to offer sun protection but not too much to strain the eyes. Overall, I think these ski goggles are one of the best pairs that we have come across.

To purchase a pair for your little one Ski Banz Ski Goggles.