Clipping Money: Monkey Mat #Review


Monkey Mat #Review

I recently was given the opportunity to review the Monkey Mat (as seen on Shark Tank). This is such a great idea and I love that is can be for anyone and for anywhere.
The size of this mat is 5' x 5' and for us it was perfect for our 3 older children. They wanted to test his out in the backyard while reading their books. That was a perfect idea! We went to set it up and the first thing I loved was that the pouch that holds the mat, was actually attached to the mat! I didn't have to worry about losing the pouch or having it blow away. SCORE!!!!
There were also stakes that came with it. The corners of the mats are weighted down and there are loops on the end. It was very easy to attach the stakes and insert them into the ground.
(please excuse the grass... or lack there of)
Each of my kids grabbed their favorite books and sat down at read comfortably. The mat is made of soft, durable, ripstop nylon. It is water repellent and resists spills! That's a SCORE in itself. I have no worries now when they bring their drinks outside on the mat. This mat is also machine washable. Yay!
In the middle of the mat you can see there are loops around the Monkey Mat logo. These loops can be used to put toys on and even your keys. What a smart idea.
This mat is perfect for traveling. It folds up so small, this can easily be stored inside a purse or diaper bag. If you travel, this is perfect to take with you without taking up any space.
Going on a picnic? Take this mat along with you. Perfect to open up, sit down and enjoy your lunch.
What about a concert? Yeah!!! Why lug heavy chairs, thick towels or even blankets when you can bring this Monkey Mat! It's smaller and easier to carry and it will cover more ground!
Take it to the beach.
Take it to sporting events.
Take it everywhere you go!
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Where would you take this mat?
Disclosure: I received this item free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.