Clipping Money: 3 Little Pigs Board Game


3 Little Pigs Board Game

We are a HUGE board game family. We have over 75 different board games.  When the 3 Little Pigs game arrived at our door, my daughter couldn't wait to play. 

For this game, you are trying to help the three little pigs as they build their houses and really hope to avoid the Big Bad Wolf! This game is just like the fairytale. From huffing and puffing to blowing the house down, your kids will love to play this game.  

At first, you are trying to build a straw house, then you try to roll a stick house. The first person to build the brink house with a pig inside wins. 

This game combines skill and small dash of luck to avoid your house from being blown down. We must have played this game 4 times in a row! My kids loved when they rolled the wolf because they got the chance to blow someones house down.  

This is such a cute fun game to play! 

Disclosure: I received this game in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. No other compensation was received.