Clipping Money: Hickies - No Tie Elastic Shoelaces


Hickies - No Tie Elastic Shoelaces

Are you looking for an alternative to tying shoes without getting velcro? What about if your shoes constantly keep untying themselves. Here is a great solution. You can turn any pair of shoes into custom-fitted slip-ons with HICKIES lacing system. Perfect gift for any age from kids to adults. 

One size fits all! My sons showlaces are always coming undone. Sure, we could double tie them but then there is the struggle of untying them after they are in knot. Hickies is the perfect solution and it's a time saver! In the morning, my son sometimes pushes the limit as to when he should be out the door. There have been times where he doesn't have time to tie his shoes and he grabs them and runs outside for the bus. 

Since using Hickies, he is able to slide this right on and go! 

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