Clipping Money: Poster My Wall #Review


Poster My Wall #Review

Disclosure: I received this service free of charge in exchange for an honest review. 

My Girl Scouts group was planning a Halloween party and needed to find some Halloween party invitations and what better way then to make our own.  I went to PosterMyWall and took a look at all of their templates and was absolutely blown away. 

PostelrMyWall offers prints and downloads. So depending on how quickly I need something, I can either order flyers (even double-sided ones, yes!) or digital files. And I can upload the digital copy to websites and Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!!! (If you want to know what else PosterMyWall offers, check out this page) HERE!

This site is so user friendly. I searched for the perfect template and quickly found that editing this was a piece of cake.  I highly recommend PosterMyWall for your next upcoming event.