Clipping Money: Windaze Nessie Soup Ladle ONLY $6.99 Shipped #aff


Windaze Nessie Soup Ladle ONLY $6.99 Shipped #aff

I've been wanting to get one of these Nessie Soup Ladles for awhile now. During the winter months, I make a lot of soup and this guy is perfect...  and cute!! 

I found him on Amazon right now for only $6.99 shipped (with Prime). 

Nessie's cute design is also functional, with the creature's set of stubby legs allowing the ladle to stand on its own without toppling over.

Windaze nessie ladle is made from 100% food grade nylon. Comparing to plastic, Nylon has better heat resistant, excellent chemical and wear resistant which means the ladle's will not become brittle and the color will remain fresh even after years of usage.

Windaze nessie ladle can be cleaned with a drop of dish soap, rinsing in warm water, and let air dry. Or you can put it on the upper rack of your dish washer and let machine take care of the work.

I can't wait for him to come in!