Clipping Money: SmitCoLLC - Scented Emoji Nail Polish


SmitCoLLC - Scented Emoji Nail Polish

My daughter was so excited when her SmitCoLLC Emoji Nail Art package came in.  She quickly opened the box and pulled everything out. 

It came with a butterfly sheet of emoji stickers, 3 scented nail polishes, adorable emoji nail file and 1 sheet of full nail stickers. 

Emily picked blue & pink to paint her nails this time. The 2 things I really like about these polishes, are that they are lightly scented and there is no need to use nail polish remover because they peal right off!!! I love that!

The colors are so vibrant for only having to use one coat!

The nail file is the perfect size for her little hand! 

Aren't these nail sheets cute!! I am loving the mad face one!!

Emily loved these little stickers! She couldn't pick just one or two...

She had to have one for each finger. I did notice that if you put the sticker on when the polish was dry, they had a tendency to fall off. If you put the sticker on while the nails were still a little wet, they stayed on. 

Overall, we loved them. 

SmitCoLLC has this set on sale for $17.99 right now plus they have so many other amazing products! Head on over to SmitCoLLC now to check them out. 

Disclosure: I received this package for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own... and my daughters. No other compensation was given.