Clipping Money: How We Celebrated Our 11 Year Anniversary (Frugally)


How We Celebrated Our 11 Year Anniversary (Frugally)

Yesterday was our 11 year wedding anniversary and what better way to spend it then together :) With June 23rd falling on a Saturday, my husband wasn't out of town or late coming home from work so that meant we could spend the day together! SCORE :)

I ran to Walmart to pick up a few things and noticed outside that all the plants, shrubs, bushes and trees had a huge RED sticker on them. You know what the RED sticker means... right? CLEARANCE!! Haha, oh yeah ----> SCORE!! So I called my husband and told him what I found. He asked me if I was sure because it was June and it made no sense to have things discounted already. So, I snapped a pic and sent it to him :) His response was... "I'll be right there!"

We have been looking for landscaping, but they want anywhere from $8,000-$11,000! Uh, yeah... not going to happen! This was the perfect sale at the perfect time!! We used 5 shopping carts (one for each of us) and this is what we SCORED...

Haha, that was funny trying to check out with 5 carts! After all was scanned, our total was only $210 and that includes the apple tree and pear tree (there are 2 more trees and 1 more plant not pictured here but at the end of the post)! After we took them home, my husband went to Lowes and bought mulch and the boarder. Too bad those weren't on clearance :) That was an additional $118! 

As a family, we went outside and began our project. We reminisced about the past 11 years and it was fun seeing what the kids remember. My husband and I went year by year and we told our children what each year meant to us. From the good times and the bad - to all our old friends and new...

It took us about 6 hours to finish our landscaping on the side of the house and the back (digging through the rocks really held us up). I forgot to take the before picks (grrr) but here is the after...

We still have a lot of plants left over so we will be doing a corner landscaping piece at the end of the driveway (on the side). All those rocks you saw in the photos, are some of the rocks we dug up in our yard ----> SCORE! Today I am going to replant those hibiscus trees (or are they plants?), the other plant in the middle of the window and find a nice spot to plant our fruit trees. 

We had the most beautiful day!