Clipping Money: Review: Pure Madness Chocolate


Review: Pure Madness Chocolate

Woohoo!! I got accepted into another BzzAgent campaign! I was invited to participate in the Pure Madness Chocolate Bzzcampaign and as someone who absolutely loves chocolate, I was super excited to join!
When the True Madness Truffles and Smoked Almond Chocolate bar arrived, I couldn't contain myself. I tried to hold off until my family came home but I couldn't. When you first bite into it, you can taste the fruitiness of the lime, but the chili part does not kick in until after you swallow it. It was a neat and welcome aftertaste! I really enjoyed the rum raisin, that was probably my favorite that I got to try. For the smoky almond milk chocolate bar, I shared it with my family! We all broke a piece off and noticed it is not your typical almond chocolate bar. The smoked almonds add an entire new depth to the taste of the bar. I loved it. I let it melt in my mouth just so it would last longer!

The Pure Madness chocolate come packaged in gorgeous hot pink and black boxes. This chocolate is made by chocolate lovers for chocolate lovers. I think any chocolate lover would appreciate these chocolates! I definitely plan to buy some truffles as a gift or for the next gift giving occasion! These chocolates are presented beautifully and would make wonderful gifts!

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 Disclosure: I am a BzzAgent. I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.