Clipping Money: Review: Butt Bench


Review: Butt Bench

I don't know about you, but I am 6 ft tall... Sure that's all fine and dandy but when it comes to shaving my legs in the shower... it is such a hard task. Can't exactly put my foot on the wall, I'll fall over. If I bend down to shave my legs, water gets up my nose! UGH. 

The Butt Bench is an innovative new product that is sure to be a hit with any woman that has ever balanced awkwardly on one foot to shave her legs in the shower and recently I got the chance to test it out for myself.

The Butt Bench doesn’t work with every bathtub. A bathtub that is up to 30 inches wide without glass sliding doors is required for the bench to fit properly in the tub. The Butt Bench is a wooden seat capable of holding up to 300 lbs. with suction cups on the back to hold it in place so that it can be attached to the back of the bathtub to provide a comfortable seat. SCORE!!!

I installed the Butt Bench all by myself! It's super easy to put into place. The strong suction cups held it to the back wall. They can be slid into the perfect spot for installing the bench. A proper seal can’t be created if the suction cups are on a grout line, but since they can easily be moved back and forth, getting them into a proper position is no problem at all!

This wasn’t an issue for us because of the way our bathtub was designed so my husband simply twisted the suction cups to tighten them up and hold them in place. Then he moistened them slightly and stuck the Butt Bench firmly to the back wall to secure it in place.

The Butt Bench made it easy to arrange products at bath time so that they were easy to access during a bath or shower. Shaving my legs isn’t just safer, it’s more enjoyable too! I actually take my time with personal care of this sort now instead of trying to get it done as quick as possible.

The Butt Bench would be a great product for senior citizens concerned about slipping in the tub. Check out this handy bathroom accessory and see for yourself just how comfortable and useful it really is. Once you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

Disclosure: I was given this product to review. No other compensation was given.  The opinions expressed in this review are mine and your opinion may vary.