Clipping Money: Backyard #Garden Ideas


Backyard #Garden Ideas

I really enjoy gardening. This was the first year that I can honestly say that my garden is flourishing! I ran out of space inside my garden (which means I need to expand next year) so I was thinking of ways to add to my garden without having to be out in the 90 degree heat building something. 

We went on a family walk and I noticed a (what seemed to be) a brand new kiddy pool by the curb in the trash. I quickly smiled because I remember pinning something on Pinterest that used a kiddy pool as a small garden!!


Haha, this is awesome. With the help of my oldest son, he brought it back home. We quickly got to work. Oh, and by "we" I mean my husband! I had him use a 1/2" drill bit. I had him start drilling holes 1" from the bottom and 12" apart. That will allow the water to drain through the side. Next I had him drill holes all over the bottom with a 1/4" drill bit. No pattern, just randomly all over. 

Now I filled it with dirt and by dirt, it was the $1.57 bag at Lowe's. I used 2 of them. For those that know me, I am not one to spend a lot of money. I don't see a need to buy the more expensive dirt when this one works just fine. I know this because it's what I filled my garden with. 

One plant I didn't have this year was watermelons. I know they need a lot of room to grow so I was thinking they will just grow outside the pool when they reach that point. This picture was taken about 3 weeks after I planted them. They are doing great!

What are some of your gardening ideas? I would love to hear them if you'd like to share!