Clipping Money: Visiting #Florida State University #FSU #Seminoles


Visiting #Florida State University #FSU #Seminoles

If there's one thing my husband loves, it's the Florida State Seminoles! We just went on a vacation to Florida and we just had to make a stop! 

We picked a perfect day to go because there was no one there walking around! It was like we had the place to ourselves!! Maybe it's just the photographer in me but I like a clear shot and not having random people walking through it always a plus. 

What a beautiful campus!

I think the smile says it all, no? I'm usually the one that says, "Hey, this looks like a great photo." or "How about this shot?" but my husband took the lead (as I knew he would) and pointed out everything he want me to photograph.

Ok, I made the suggestion to take this shot ;) Look at those blue skies!!! 

These are 2 of my husbands favorite statues.

The only photo we weren't able to capture was Chief Osceola & Renegade. We had a hard time trying to find them but I can promise you the next time we go down we will find them.

Are you an FSU fan? 

Which photo was your favorite?

Let me know in the comment section!