Clipping Money: #Garden - #Recycle a Wheelbarrow & Look What You Get


#Garden - #Recycle a Wheelbarrow & Look What You Get

This morning, after having my coffee, I noticed my neighbor put a wheelbarrow by the curb for trash. I stood there and looked at the wheelbarrow for quite some time. 

Then a lightbulb went on! I had such a great idea. I remember seeing something on Pinterest and this would be perfect. 

I quickly text my neighbor and asking if it was being thrown out and she replied, "Tossing it out, but you can have it if you'd like!"

I was ecstatic!!! I used the intercom and called my boys downstairs and instructed them to hurry and run outside to grab the wheelbarrow our neighbor has by the curb before the garbage man comes. 

My boys came racing down the steps and out the garage door! As fast as they left, they came back with the wheelbarrow! I was smiling ear to ear!

I had them take it to the backyard. I noticed it had a flat so I tried pumping it up. Only to find that it must have had a hole because the air wasn't holding. It was off to Lowe's I go! I ran inside and grabbed the tire tune and quickly checked out. I couldn't get home fast enough. 

I pulled into the driveway and rushed to the backyard! I've never changed a tire tube in my life but you know what they say...


I figured out how to take it apart, put the new tube in and put it back together. Best part is, I had no spare parts lefter after I reassembled it!!! Hahahaha, that's always a plus!

Now that everything is put together I started working. My idea was coming together, perfectly!

Dirt was flying, kids were swinging, doge were barking...

I stood there and looked at my finished project! All the strawberries from my garden are now beautifully sitting inside the wheelbarrow. As the strawberries grow, they will hang off the side of the wheelbarrow, making it super easy to pick!

It's perfect!!!!

What do ya'll think?