Clipping Money: What's For Dinner? #PapaMurphys


What's For Dinner? #PapaMurphys

After being outside all day, the last thing I wanted to do was stand in the kitchen and make something for dinner. I quickly pulled up one of our favorite pizza places and couldn't believe what I saw!!

50% off your pizza when you order online!!

This was better then ANY deal out there! Now was the perfect time to try out some new pizzas. We read over all of the pizzas and 2 of them really stood out. We got the Cowboy Pizza & Chicken Bacon Stuffed Pizza.

For the kids, we got them the $5 Favs - the love the sausage pizza!!!

We put in that code and I yelled...


We just got pizzas for $28! 2 of those are for tonight and the other 2 are for tomorrow!

You can't beat this deal. This customer appreciation deal will be going strong thru June 13th!

What's for favorite type of pizza? 

Love at 425 degrees