Clipping Money: Summertime Fun! #Wildlife Rehabilitation


Summertime Fun! #Wildlife Rehabilitation

In today's adventures, we went to our library and noticed that they had a few animals there that the kids can interact with. These animals are apart of the Mississippi Wildlife Rehabilitation.

This photo took a little coaxing to get. My daughter likes to second guess herself. She says yes but then she backs out and says, No, it's okay. I find the best thing I can do is ask her why she changed her mind and listen. We took a step back and watched the other children interact with the snakes. I would ask her what she thought the snakes felt like, did she think they are heavy or light, wet or dry and once her curiosity got going, she went and stood in line. 

Here's my son with a Flying Squirrel.  He told me the squirrel was super soft and very light. 

"Oh, Mommy! He's so cute. Can we get one?"

What fun things have you done so far since school let out? I would love to hear about your adventures!!