Clipping Money: Girl Scouts Brownie Badges & Fun Patches - #Oobleck


Girl Scouts Brownie Badges & Fun Patches - #Oobleck

There are so many things my daughter loves about Girl Scouts but her absolute favorite part is earning badges and patches. What's the difference you ask? Fun patches go on the back of her uniform. These acknowledge things she has done with the group or on her own that was a fun learning experience. She has one for going to the Memphis Zoo, losing her tooth, going to a rodeo when she was in Texas visiting her Nana, each state she visits we find a patch for the state, taking a tour of City Hall and the Police Station... The list goes on. There's a patch for everything! 

Brownie Badges (they are triangle) go on the front. She must complete 5 steps on a certain topic to earn a Brownie Badge. One of her favorite Brownie Badges she's earned so far would be the Home Scientist Badge. She learned out to make salt & pepper dance (without touching it), blow up a balloon without using her mouth, make raisins dance (without touching them), make ice cream and dinosaur snot. Yes, I said dinosaur snot! You might know it by it's other name, Oobleck. 

Oobleck is a classic science experiment that's perfect for entertaining both kids and adults. I'll admit, I had fun playing with it! Oobleck acts like a liquid when being poured, but like a solid when a force is acting on it. You can grab it and then it will ooze out of your hands. 

All you need is corn starch and food coloring (optional).

1 cup water
1.5-2 cups corn starch
a few drops of food coloring

Start with the water in your bowl and then add the corn starch to it. You can use a spoon to start with but then you'll find yourself finishing with your hands. When you get close to adding about 1.5 cups of the corn starch, start adding it more slowly and mixing it with your hands. You can trying to go for a consistency where the Oobleck reaches a state that is liquid and yet a solid. Now that your Oobleck is just right, add a few drops of food coloring. Make sure it is all mixed together and then have fun with it. 

Have fun and make sure to wash it all off in the end.