Clipping Money: Let's Go Back In Time


Let's Go Back In Time

When I saw this phone booth, I had to stop. You don't see very many phone booths now a days. If you find one, chances are the phone part has been removed. I turned to my husband and we both started smiling. So many childhood memories... 

When we were growing up, a phone call was a quarter. We were always told to put a quarter in our pocket, just incase we needed to make a phone call home. We hardly ever used that quarter. There was never a need to use it. If we were looking for our friends, all we had to do was ride around the neighborhood and look at the bikes at the end of the driveway. Then we knew who was where. 

Times were so simple back in the day. You woke up, you ate and went outside to play. You were expected to be home before the street lights went on. You didn't call home and ask to stay out later. There was no begging. None of that. 

What were some of your favorite memories growing up? 
I would love to hear them!