Clipping Money: Mid-South Corn Maze - #Memphis


Mid-South Corn Maze - #Memphis

There's just something about a corn maze that makes getting lost.... FUN! We headed to the Mid-South Maze to try out their Corn Maze (October). As we got there, my daughter was SO excited that as soon as the car parked, she was ready to hop out. We reached the beginning and bought our tickets. We told her that she could lead us all the way through. Here's the maze we had to get through...

You can almost see the building on the bottom right. That's where we started. It was fun watching my daughter think very carefully as to where she wanted to turn. We did find ourselves walking in circles quite a few times.  There even was a time she tried following another family, thinking they knew how to get out of the circle we were in. Sadly, they were no walking in circles with us. We just couldn't figure it out. 

After a few, "Mom, I think we are really lost!" and several "Are they going to leave us in here all night?" we were able to put our thinking caps on and figure out which path to take (process of elimination). 

When we finally reached the end, the picture on top was the "jump for joy" pose she made.  Also, she was happy that she earned her Corm Maze patch for Girl Scouts!!! We just love Girl Scouts. 

What's your favorite Corn Maze to go through?