Clipping Money: Amazon - 2500 Crockpot Recipes #Review


Amazon - 2500 Crockpot Recipes #Review

Disclosure: I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Who does't like cooking with their CrockPot? I find that I use mine all year round while others just use them in the winter.  No matter the occasion, I know you will find an amazing recipe in this recipe book - 2500 Crockpot Recipes Cookbook

My favorite is the Beef Stew with Potatoes & Rosemary.  

One thing I did notice is that there are no serving sizes associated with each recipe.  This might make it difficult to determine if the recipe you'd like to try would be enough for your family. We have a family of 5 so I had to make sure and read each recipe and decide it if was going to be enough. 

Other then that, I would say it's a pretty good book. The next recipe I would like to try is the Chicken with Garlic and Mushrooms.