Clipping Money: Girl Scouts Easy Bake Oven


Girl Scouts Easy Bake Oven

I was so excited to find an Easy Bake Oven - Girl Scouts Edition at our local thrift store! It's in perfect condition. I don't even think it was used. It didn't come with the little tray, spatula or syringe but that was okay. When I got home, I emailed them and they were able to send me replacement parts for free, I just had to pay $2 for shipping! So this whole thing only cost me $3! 

For Christmas, my daughter wanted some little kits for the oven so when I saw these Girl Scout Cookie kits.... OMG! This was perfect! 

I had this Easy Bake Oven growing up.

In fact, I still have it in my attic... box and all! 

This was one of my favorite toys growing up. I didn't need electronics. Or cell phones. 

What was your favorite toy growing up?